• Places Your Car Should Never Break Down In Lagos

    Places Your Car Should Never Break Down In Lagos0

    Lagos is all rugged and tough, if you grew up here; you don’t need anyone to run you through the way things happen in Lagos, it’s a totally hard city that doesn’t exactly favour the faint hearted, unless you’ve got a bit of street in you. There are certain cases where your car breaks down

  • 10 Weird Things People Have Bought In Lagos Traffic

    10 Weird Things People Have Bought In Lagos Traffic0

    Lagos roads are supposed to be for vehicles to drive safely but everything changed when traffic graduated from school and decided to pursue a career on the same road, employing different sets of people to fill the roads with things that graduated from gala and pure water, to the weirdest things we never expected to

  • 5 Reasons We Hate Living In Lagos

    5 Reasons We Hate Living In Lagos2

    Lagos is a mega city, the right place for business and fun, the city of constant movement and money making. Everybody with big dreams of living large and running a business wants to find their permanent place in Lagos until the horrors of being a Lagosian stands them face to face. Here are 5 top

  • How To Beat Traffic In Lagos

    How To Beat Traffic In Lagos0

    We all love Lagos until we have to sit in traffic for hours, it’s the one thing all over Lagos that causes steady depression on the road, especially when it’s a consistent thing. Traffic has been the biggest reason people hate to work on the Island or have anything to do with passing the third

  • Funny Excuses For Being Late

    Funny Excuses For Being Late0

    Lateness is like second nature to a whole lot of people, they find it really hard to be right on time, not even by mistake. There’s always a fine list of believable and sometimes ridiculous excuses for their incurable lateness, especially when its lateness to work. Here are some funny excuses people give when they

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