• Major Causes Of Yeast Infection

    Major Causes Of Yeast Infection1

    Yeast infection is first a sexually Transmitted Infection before anything else, but that’s not the only means of getting infected as there are a bunch of other causes piled in one. Bacteria is the key word here, the lack and excess of them is the real problem with infections like this one, for Yeast Infection;

  • Clear Pimples With Garlic

    Clear Pimples With Garlic0

    Garlic is one of those natural remedies you hear of everywhere, with too many people using the natural approach to skin conditions and almost every health condition (except for the severe ones out there) Nature has clearly blessed us with so much to take proper care of our health and skin, it’s just that there

  • The Different Skin Types We Have

    The Different Skin Types We Have0

    We all fall under five different skin types, whatever your skin tone. It’s basically the factor behind certain occurrences of the skin, like the reason ¬†some people always have oil on their skin and some others always walk around with totally dry skin. Skin types are actually very important, it helps to know your skin

  • 3 Key Benefits Of Drinking Water

    3 Key Benefits Of Drinking Water0

    Water is by far the safest liquid you can take into your body, it’s totally healthy and packed with tons of benefits that are designed to keep you in the right state, physically and internally. Here are 3 major benefits of drinking clean water every now and again, till the 8th glass cup a day.

  • How To Clear Stretch Marks Permanently

    How To Clear Stretch Marks Permanently0

    Stretch marks come natural, but they are one of the biggest skin problems of a lot of women, it could get really embarrassing when all there is to see when you take your clothes off; are stretch marks. Unless for those who love the fact that nature dealt them a few stretches on their skin

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