• Unilag Releases 2017/18 Cut-off Marks

    Unilag Releases 2017/18 Cut-off Marks0

    The University of Lagos, after over a Month of keeping candidates waiting since their post UTME exercise; finally releases the cut-off marks for all courses. As predicted by a lot of people who did the 2016/2017 screening for Unilag; the cutoffs are a bit on the high side again this time. Unilag has clearly stated

  • Unilag Reschedules Post UME Dates 2017/18

    Unilag Reschedules Post UME Dates 2017/180

    The University of Lagos, Unilag; recently postponed post UME dates till further notice, that surely got a lot of candidates worrying about a lot of things, now; there’s news published on the school website that the exams dates have been rescheduled to be from Oct 4th to the 6th. Here’s the news as is written

  • Things We Hate About School

    Things We Hate About School0

    Growing up, we barely went through a day without hearing that school is the best thing that can ever happen to anyone, that it would take you round the world and position you to shake hands with kings and big men; we got used to the plenty talks about that classroom that seemed like a

  • Subjects We Hated In Secondary School

    Subjects We Hated In Secondary School0

    School was sweet until annoying subjects and exams came in, everything about going to school when our worst subjects were taught, just got us really weak, some people even ask themselves if this school thing is actually by force because it takes such a long time of terrible teachers, boring classes, wicked punishments, long hours,

  • Not Everyday Indomie! 4 Cheap Ways To Maintain A Good Diet As A Student!

    Not Everyday Indomie! 4 Cheap Ways To Maintain A Good Diet As A Student!0

    Keeping a good diet as a student has got to be one of the most difficult things to do. Struggling with term papers and bulky assignments, it seems like there’s no time to eat good food. These 6 cheap ways can help you maintain a good diet in the midst of all the hustle and

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