• Here’s Why She Wants A Breakup

    Here’s Why She Wants A Breakup0

    Your girl been acting like she’s far away when she’s right next to you lately? that might just be some clear sign that she’s not feeling so in love with you as it were before and she probably wants out. This probably has nothing to do with the fact that it’s December and people tend

  • How To Know He Doesn’t Like You

    How To Know He Doesn’t Like You0

    Love is the fastest thing to fall into, and the craziest because it’s a whole different feeling when you spot the person you are losing sleep over. Girls are purely emotional, they caught more feelings than flu and a lot of the times, they are not even sure if the young man feels same. Here

  • 5 Reasons Nigerians Girls Date Married Men

    5 Reasons Nigerians Girls Date Married Men0

    Dating is like life for a lot of us, it’s that extra thing that makes us feel alive and when there’s no one in the picture, it’s like being one lone, forsaken, bored human on one corner of the world. At least, that’s how it is for a lot of our Nigerian girls, they taste

  • Being In A Relationship Without Sex

    Being In A Relationship Without Sex0

    In this day and age, especially right now; we can’t talk about two people being in a relationship and not talk about sex, it has become one of the strong pillars of a lasting relationship which a lot of sane people consider very insane and unnecessarily. Being in a relationship is supposed to be a

  • Romantic Ways To Surprise Your Girlfriend

    Romantic Ways To Surprise Your Girlfriend0

    Girls love surprises, they are crazy about the beautiful moments when their boyfriends would blindfold their eyes in love and walk them to a sweet and well planned surprise that they would want to tell their friends. Don’t think you have totally won a girl’s heart because she’s yours at the moment, it takes more

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