• Top Deal Breakers In A Relationship

    Top Deal Breakers In A Relationship0

    In relationships, we all have that one or two things we cannot take, things that automatically changes the way we look at our partners no matter our history, things that force us to walk away from the relationship and never look back. Deal breakers are different things to different people, we are hardly the same

  • The Most Disgusting Lies Men Tell

    The Most Disgusting Lies Men Tell0

    Men and lies are two really cool friends that cannot be separated, even with a world war, at least’ that’s what the ladies would swear. Apparently they have told so much lies that they don’t need to even think about the next sweet thing to say to get a girl drooling and losing her mind.

  • 5 Top Things That Make You Boring

    5 Top Things That Make You Boring0

    The last thing anybody wants to do is hang around a boring person, there’s really nothing to look forward to because all they ever want to do is stay silent and wait for you to probably bring something up and if you don’t, they are fine with keeping to themselves in the best way possible

  • Forgetting Your Ex

    Forgetting Your Ex0

    This might be the hardest thing to do, calling off a relationship when it’s not double-sided is a breakup and that’s one hurtful thing that has led a lot of people to depression and sad mistakes. No doubt love is definitely complicated, how it is the most beautiful feeling and the most hurtful one at

  • Ingredients Of A Happy Marriage

    Ingredients Of A Happy Marriage0

    If you are going to be spending the rest of your life being married to someone, then it’s only wise that you make moves to make it a very healthy Marriage that would be stronger than whatever storm. Marriage is beautiful, it puts you in the arms of your soul mate and produces a beautiful

  • 5 Reasons Men Don’t Want Marriage

    5 Reasons Men Don’t Want Marriage0

    As much as there are a ton of men who are excited about the issue of marriage, a lot more are just sitting in one corner, wishing all the noise would mute out so they can still have a couple more years to live as baby boys. There are several reasons why Men, the bunch