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  • Myths And Truths About Abortion

    Myths And Truths About Abortion0

    The issue of Abortion is one that bags just too many myths from everywhere you turn, for one; it’s frowned upon and considered a highly disgusting, hateful, sinful and everything African people have painted it to be. But well, nothing changes the pure fact that abortion remains, it’s a resort that a lot of girls

  • Stay Away From These Foods When Pregnant

    Stay Away From These Foods When Pregnant0

    Pregnancy comes with a lot of changes and crazy cravings for all sorts of unimaginable foods, from the time when a woman conceives to when she gives birth, there are certain things she has to change and get used to, for the sake of her unborn child and precisely for a safe delivery and the

  • How To Avoid Getting Pregnant After Sex

    How To Avoid Getting Pregnant After Sex3

    Of all the reasons in the world, pregnancy is the biggest reason girls consciously stay away from sex, the one thing that can bring tons of bad news to their lives that is only beginning. Sex is a game for two, but when it leads to pregnancy when the “two” are far from ready; then