• Amazing Facts About Nigeria

    Amazing Facts About Nigeria0

    Nigeria is one great nation, not exactly because of it’s name but mainly because we have the most talented, strong, hard-working and even successful people in the world. We have been a Country of achievers and great strength and that’s not about to change as we are ever building new great ideas and creating new

  • MMM Guider, Chuddy Ugorji Flees To Philippines

    MMM Guider, Chuddy Ugorji Flees To Philippines1

    Reports have it that Chuddy Ugorji, the top MMM Guider that brought this whole MMM thing to Nigeria has fled with his recently wedded wife, Amaka to the Philippines. Only one month after MMM shut down and left a lot of involved Nigerians in depression over losing their invested savings, this proves that the allegations

  • Things Nigerians Love To Hear

    Things Nigerians Love To Hear0

    If you want to get on a Nigerian’s happy side, just know the right button to press when it comes to talking to them, no matter the mood a Nigerian person is, these are the best things to get them interested in a conversation with you. There’s Light In a country where light is an

  • 10 Most Common Nigerian Slangs We Love

    10 Most Common Nigerian Slangs We Love10

    Slangs are the best things that spice up conversations, it takes small talks to deeper levels and even builds friendly relationships. Nigerians are naturally funny people who don’t joke with cool slangs, we have slangs for everything you can think of because really, there’s no point taking life too seriously; especially now that Trump has

  • 15 Best Career Advice We’ve Never Heard Before

    15 Best Career Advice We’ve Never Heard Before1

    In this 21st century where almost every gentleman you meet is a motivational speaker and that pretty lady is feminist, you probably start to think that you have heard it all. Every advice given to you sounds like a repeated tape, it goes over and over again in your brain, well here are 15 career

  • How To Get Experience Without A Job

    How To Get Experience Without A Job0

    In this recent times where a job experience gives you an advantage to getting your dream job it becomes extremely difficult to find a job without an experience. So here are a few tips on how to get experience without a job. 1. Check for unadvertised vacancies, lookout for places where opportunities are likely to occur

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