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  • 3 Types Of Girls In Nigeria

    3 Types Of Girls In Nigeria0

    Nigeria is definitely blessed with different shades of girls, we can’t count our blessings as a Country and leave the girls out, it would be totally incomplete. Girls run the world and they do a great job at it, particularly here in Nigeria where babes call the shots just by having fat in all the

  • 6 Things Girls Talk About The Most

    6 Things Girls Talk About The Most0

    Girls can’t help it when it comes to talking, they could spend the whole day with their favourite people, discussing everything from the way a random person smiles to the most irrelevant and sometimes sensible things, depending on their famous “mood swings” Talking is actually a brilliant thing, it’s how we let our hearts out

  • 5 Reasons Nigerians Girls Date Married Men

    5 Reasons Nigerians Girls Date Married Men0

    Dating is like life for a lot of us, it’s that extra thing that makes us feel alive and when there’s no one in the picture, it’s like being one lone, forsaken, bored human on one corner of the world. At least, that’s how it is for a lot of our Nigerian girls, they taste

  • 3 Reasons A Nigerian Man Will Marry You

    3 Reasons A Nigerian Man Will Marry You0

    Men are down for the long time dating and having a girl to flaunt on their show days but they are hardly ready to settle down just yet, at least not without specific qualities they would rather their women have. There are a couple things you should have as a woman before a Nigerian guy

  • Real Reasons Nigerian Girls Cheat

    Real Reasons Nigerian Girls Cheat0

    The way girls cheat is a puzzle to a lot of the gentlemen out there who have only their hearts to give, girls are naturally tuned to the good life and if they are not getting it from a certain guy, things might just get a little rough because there’s always that one or two

  • How To Make A Nigerian Girl Love You

    How To Make A Nigerian Girl Love You1

    Nigeria is filled with hot chics who are about nothing but love, love that comes with goodies of course, it takes more than just words and night calls to win a Nigerian girl’s heart these days These are ways to do it like a boss. Food Please don’t, don’t joke with a girl when it