• 4 Things That Beat Sex

    4 Things That Beat Sex0

    Sex is amazing, no one’s doubting that, but there are definitely better things than sex, things that people would not be looking to give up for sex at certain points. Right now, i personally think the whole sex thing is overrated, with the way it’s hyped all over the media and internet, it’s basically pleasure

  • Wild Thoughts Lyrics

    Wild Thoughts Lyrics0

    The new wave right now on the internet and everywhere is this mad collabo of DJ Khaled and Rihana, Wild Thoughts is a really big thing, with a state of the art video and Rihana serving “wild queen”. It’s argued that the song is just an imitation of ¬†Carlos Santana’s “Maria”. Here’s the lyrics, get

  • 3 Big Ways To Grow Your Imagination

    3 Big Ways To Grow Your Imagination0

    Asides Money, fame and everything the world craves, Imagination is a deep need that is natural to us, it’s one super power to live and create the life we dream, while making conscious steps to bring it to life. It goes without saying that our whole lives is a function of the exactly the measure

  • 5 Reasons Girls Are Crazy Over Wizkid

    5 Reasons Girls Are Crazy Over Wizkid0

    The one true Starboy and bad boy Wizzy has always been the regular and standard craze of girls from day one, he literally burst brains with his first hit song “Holla at your boy” and he has refused to disappoint us ever since, making it terribly hard for girls to calm down when they hear

  • Music Review: Wehdone Sir By Falz

    Music Review: Wehdone Sir By Falz0

    Who else to come up with a mad and hilarious hit but the comic Falz of all time, regular ribs cracker on the mic. Following his Ajebutter assisted “Regards to your mumsi”, Falz drops a new song titled “Wehdone Sir” with a lot of lines of get you laughing hard. The song basically is about

  • Nigerians Drag Mr Eazi For A Statement On Twitter

    Nigerians Drag Mr Eazi For A Statement On Twitter0

    Mr Eazi is just getting to know that no matter how much Nigerians love you and your music, if you make one funny statement that provokes the general public, you are in for a serious drag; the kind of drag that would get you straight to the border. Mr Eazi is dealing with some serious

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