• 3 Types Of Girls In Nigeria

    3 Types Of Girls In Nigeria0

    Nigeria is definitely blessed with different shades of girls, we can’t count our blessings as a Country and leave the girls out, it would be totally incomplete. Girls run the world and they do a great job at it, particularly here in Nigeria where babes call the shots just by having fat in all the

  • Things Men Love The Most

    Things Men Love The Most0

    There’s just so much to talk about when it comes to men and the things they are crazy about, it’s in their nature to have it all, as long as they are all good and well. Here are 5 things you can be sure to catch a man craving all day. Women What’s a Man

  • 6 Things Girls Talk About The Most

    6 Things Girls Talk About The Most0

    Girls can’t help it when it comes to talking, they could spend the whole day with their favourite people, discussing everything from the way a random person smiles to the most irrelevant and sometimes sensible things, depending on their famous “mood swings” Talking is actually a brilliant thing, it’s how we let our hearts out

  • 5 Biggest Reasons People Want To Get Rich

    5 Biggest Reasons People Want To Get Rich0

    People would always give a sophisticated list of reasons they want to get rich, different interesting reasons you would definitely enjoy hearing, you can be sure that majority of us want to change the world somewhere in our list but all that is not even anywhere close to the biggest reasons we deeply crave riches.

  • 3 Most Powerful Assets In The World

    3 Most Powerful Assets In The World0

    Assets are the incomparable things we hold very dear, they give us the confidence that we have attained certain heights and can brag about really valuable things that would last us a lifetime depending on what they are. A lot of big things are considered as Assets for best reasons, but none of them come

  • 5 Reasons Girls Are Crazy Over Wizkid

    5 Reasons Girls Are Crazy Over Wizkid0

    The one true Starboy and bad boy Wizzy has always been the regular and standard craze of girls from day one, he literally burst brains with his first hit song “Holla at your boy” and he has refused to disappoint us ever since, making it terribly hard for girls to calm down when they hear