• 5 Things That Surely Make Men Cry

    5 Things That Surely Make Men Cry0

    Don’t be deceived by the deep voice and broad shoulders, Men actually roll on the floor in tears when shit gets really real, it would shock you to find that some supposed “Hard Men” actually cry better than babes. It’s generally seen as  a pure weakness when men have tears in their eyes, but that’s

  • Fashion Items Guys Love In Girls

    Fashion Items Guys Love In Girls0

    There’s so much that attracts a guy when it comes to the ladies, every guy has his own taste and attractions, the first few things they look at in a girl that keeps them glued. Men are definitely moved by appearance, every girl should know this and start tweaking their looks to get a man

  • How To Know A Fuck Boy

    How To Know A Fuck Boy0

    Fuck boys are the worst people to spend your time and energy on as you would only hate yourself for having to deal with a whole bunch of bullshit that don’t even qualify for your standards, that’s if you are not a fuck boy low-key. We all know those boys who are just too easily

  • The Most Disgusting Lies Men Tell

    The Most Disgusting Lies Men Tell0

    Men and lies are two really cool friends that cannot be separated, even with a world war, at least’ that’s what the ladies would swear. Apparently they have told so much lies that they don’t need to even think about the next sweet thing to say to get a girl drooling and losing her mind.

  • 3 Types Of Girls In Nigeria

    3 Types Of Girls In Nigeria0

    Nigeria is definitely blessed with different shades of girls, we can’t count our blessings as a Country and leave the girls out, it would be totally incomplete. Girls run the world and they do a great job at it, particularly here in Nigeria where babes call the shots just by having fat in all the

  • 5 Reasons Men Don’t Want Marriage

    5 Reasons Men Don’t Want Marriage0

    As much as there are a ton of men who are excited about the issue of marriage, a lot more are just sitting in one corner, wishing all the noise would mute out so they can still have a couple more years to live as baby boys. There are several reasons why Men, the bunch

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