• Top Deal Breakers In A Relationship

    Top Deal Breakers In A Relationship0

    In relationships, we all have that one or two things we cannot take, things that automatically changes the way we look at our partners no matter our history, things that force us to walk away from the relationship and never look back. Deal breakers are different things to different people, we are hardly the same

  • The Dont’s Of A First Date

    The Dont’s Of A First Date0

    A First Date is usually your first and golden shot at winning a person’s heart, which is why you spend all week preparing for a two-hour time out with some chic or dude. Here’s how to not ruin your chances at a first date, for someone you are just getting to know and hang out

  • The Most Ridiculous Things We Do For Love

    The Most Ridiculous Things We Do For Love0

    We can positively tell that a person is in love by their irrational actions, love has all the strange powers to make a person go from really tough to soft and very irrational in a really short time, it’s the strongest force that controls a man to go to unbelievable length for the person they

  • Dangers Of A Long Distance Relationship

    Dangers Of A Long Distance Relationship0

    Relationship is beautiful, being with the person that makes your heart skip and just makes you feel safe, like no one else in the whole world can give you the butterflies and sweet smelling roses that you get from that one imperfect person that you love to the moon. Every imperfection is cute because you

  • 5 Easy Steps To Get Over Your Ex

    5 Easy Steps To Get Over Your Ex0

    Getting over a breakup could be one of the most difficult things to do for humans. It’s never a quick and easy process, and sometimes it could get very complicated by all the things that the two of you still have in common, like friends, favorite hangouts and songs. The most frustrating thing about it is

  • How Close Friends Can Help You Get Your Ex Back0

    You feel lost when you are not with the person that hold a significant position in your life, and most times all you ever want to do is to get that person back. You may have done some certain things with the hope that your Ex will come back to you, which didn’t work. Don’t give up