• Important Things To Consider Before Buying A House

    Important Things To Consider Before Buying A House0

    Buying a house is by far the wisest investment anyone will ever make, whether it’s building from scratch or actually buying a finished building; as long as it means owning a house; that’s unbeatable. One of the clear fundamental human need is shelter, if you are able to secure a home for yourself; you might

  • Places Your Car Should Never Break Down In Lagos

    Places Your Car Should Never Break Down In Lagos0

    Lagos is all rugged and tough, if you grew up here; you don’t need anyone to run you through the way things happen in Lagos, it’s a totally hard city that doesn’t exactly favour the faint hearted, unless you’ve got a bit of street in you. There are certain cases where your car breaks down

  • Best Way To Get Into Unilag

    Best Way To Get Into Unilag0

    As much as it’s one of the hardest places to get into, people get in yearly and in their thousands. Unilag is a prestigious University and a lot of young people can’t see themselves choosing any other school, the mere fact that it’s located in Lagos is a huge attraction, students get in and with

  • 5 Types Of People You Find In A Danfo

    5 Types Of People You Find In A Danfo0

    Lagos, Nigeria! the home of bus conductors and crazy drivers causing the loudest noise and conveniently picking on every favourite passenger they find in their trap. Every Lagosian has a personal story about their steady experience in Danfo buses, the crazy conductors and of course; the different types of hilarious passengers forcing to enter the

  • 5 Famous Lagos Landmarks

    5 Famous Lagos Landmarks1

    Lagos is the one city that could pass for ¬†Nigerian’s most favourite place even with all the noise and rough life it’s known for. It’s no news that Lagos is the best place to get wise as a Nigerian because almost everyone is out to play you until you know the games yourself. Landmarks are

  • 10 Cool Reasons To Travel More

    10 Cool Reasons To Travel More0

    So many things stand as a total blessing to life and travelling could pass for the chief of them all, it’s more than exciting to be in a new place, meet the kinds of people that your heart warms up to and just find out new things about life, culture and people that you never

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