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  • 5 Reasons Men Don’t Want Marriage

    5 Reasons Men Don’t Want Marriage0

    As much as there are a ton of men who are excited about the issue of marriage, a lot more are just sitting in one corner, wishing all the noise would mute out so they can still have a couple more years to live as baby boys. There are several reasons why Men, the bunch

  • How To Know He Doesn’t Like You

    How To Know He Doesn’t Like You0

    Love is the fastest thing to fall into, and the craziest because it’s a whole different feeling when you spot the person you are losing sleep over. Girls are purely emotional, they caught more feelings than flu and a lot of the times, they are not even sure if the young man feels same. Here

  • Common Things That Happen On Valentine’s Day

    Common Things That Happen On Valentine’s Day0

    Valentine’s day is fast approaching and it’s the most anticipated day for a lot of people right now, the day when every red and white is a symbol of love, every lost girlfriend begins to resurrect and boyfriends suddenly begin to rapture because right now, the price of chocolates, flowers and iPhones are looking scarier

  • Funny Pick Up Lines That Work

    Funny Pick Up Lines That Work0

    In the world of hookups and friendships, finding the perfect pick up line is always the hardest, so I have taken out time to gather a few very funny pick up lines that will help you start a perfect conversation. Always have this at the back of your mind that you are meeting the person

  • How Close Friends Can Help You Get Your Ex Back0

    You feel lost when you are not with the person that hold a significant position in your life, and most times all you ever want to do is to get that person back. You may have done some certain things with the hope that your Ex will come back to you, which didn’t work. Don’t give up

  • 4 Things You Need To Remove From Your Wallet

    4 Things You Need To Remove From Your Wallet0

    Since the introduction of credit cards in the 1950’s wallet became a very much relevant tool for storing cash, ATM cards, recharge cards, driver’s licenses, identification cards etc. Wallets are typically associated with men but women carry a similar object known as a purse. In recent times, many women now also carry wallets as they are