• Here’s Why She Wants A Breakup

    Here’s Why She Wants A Breakup0

    Your girl been acting like she’s far away when she’s right next to you lately? that might just be some clear sign that she’s not feeling so in love with you as it were before and she probably wants out. This probably has nothing to do with the fact that it’s December and people tend

  • How to date older women

    How to date older women0

    First of all, let’s forget about some stupid stereotypes, bonded with older women dating. It is not something you need to be afraid or ashamed of. In fact, almost every grown-up man fantasized about a mature lady. Even smile lines and wrinkles are considered to be sexy, because they are associated with experience. So, let’s

  • 4 Weird Facts About Nigerian  Girls

    4 Weird Facts About Nigerian  Girls0

    Nigerian girls are some really special people; their kind is totally incomparable to other African girls. They have the power of giving you headache and joy at the same time, very beautiful set of strong people with some weird facts you should at least know before getting into any of their traps. They Are Crazy

  • 10 Amazing Quotes For Your Girlfriend

    10 Amazing Quotes For Your Girlfriend0

    You can never give or have enough when it comes to love, it’s a deep need that hangs around every minute, waiting to be felt. Love is definitely a beautiful thing when the one person you are thinking about, is also lost in thought of you. If you love her enough to call her your

  • Romantic Ways To Surprise Your Girlfriend

    Romantic Ways To Surprise Your Girlfriend0

    Girls love surprises, they are crazy about the beautiful moments when their boyfriends would blindfold their eyes in love and walk them to a sweet and well planned surprise that they would want to tell their friends. Don’t think you have totally won a girl’s heart because she’s yours at the moment, it takes more

  • 10 Things You Should Do When You Hangout With Your Boo

    10 Things You Should Do When You Hangout With Your Boo0

    Hanging out with your boo might be a little tricky as you might run out of ideas on what to do with your boo because sometimes you partner might come over with the idea that it is an event whereas its just a hangout. So not make the hangout boring, here are 10 things you

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