• 3 Types Of Girls In Nigeria

    3 Types Of Girls In Nigeria0

    Nigeria is definitely blessed with different shades of girls, we can’t count our blessings as a Country and leave the girls out, it would be totally incomplete. Girls run the world and they do a great job at it, particularly here in Nigeria where babes call the shots just by having fat in all the

  • Hottest Fashion Trends Right Now

    Hottest Fashion Trends Right Now0

    Fashion Trends stay noticeable from the moment they hits the streets and then the Internet, it’s the thing with Fashion that we are crazy about, the sweet fact that we don’t get to stay on a trend for so long without any sight of a new and hotter trend leading the way. Right now, all

  • Reasons People Buy Expensive Things

    Reasons People Buy Expensive Things0

    The reassn people buy expensive things is a mystery to some, a lot of people tend to wonder exactly what in the world would make certain kinds of people spend some ridiculous amount on things they could rather get for a thousand times less in other places and in a more sane way. It’s seems

  • Top 5 Fashion Designers In Nigeria

    Top 5 Fashion Designers In Nigeria0

    Fashion has been with us for a long time, it has changed and evolved a thousand times; presenting us with non-ending ways to express ourselves in different looks and styles. The timeless art has been defined and redefined by highly talented and creative young people who have looked at the trends from the legends of

  • Bad Fashion Mistakes Men Make

    Bad Fashion Mistakes Men Make0

    Its funny how people step out in different style combination and think they are perfect when everybody else is laughing and talking about their funny fashion mistake. This Fashion thing is way to broad to know it all, the least you can do for your self and personal style is to know what works and

  • Most Stylish Male Celebrities In Nigeria

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    Most Stylish Male Celebrities In Nigeria Style is the one thing that always stands us out from the crowd, it speaks a thousand words about our personality as we walk and that’s the first thing people see and admire about us. Celebrities are known to be general slayers, they give us the trendiest style inspiration