• The Dont’s Of A First Date

    The Dont’s Of A First Date0

    A First Date is usually your first and golden shot at winning a person’s heart, which is why you spend all week preparing for a two-hour time out with some chic or dude. Here’s how to not ruin your chances at a first date, for someone you are just getting to know and hang out

  • 5 Reasons Nigerians Girls Date Married Men

    5 Reasons Nigerians Girls Date Married Men0

    Dating is like life for a lot of us, it’s that extra thing that makes us feel alive and when there’s no one in the picture, it’s like being one lone, forsaken, bored human on one corner of the world. At least, that’s how it is for a lot of our Nigerian girls, they taste

  • Dangers Of A Long Distance Relationship

    Dangers Of A Long Distance Relationship0

    Relationship is beautiful, being with the person that makes your heart skip and just makes you feel safe, like no one else in the whole world can give you the butterflies and sweet smelling roses that you get from that one imperfect person that you love to the moon. Every imperfection is cute because you

  • Real Reasons Nigerian Girls Cheat

    Real Reasons Nigerian Girls Cheat0

    The way girls cheat is a puzzle to a lot of the gentlemen out there who have only their hearts to give, girls are naturally tuned to the good life and if they are not getting it from a certain guy, things might just get a little rough because there’s always that one or two

  • Common Excuses Girls Give For Being Single

    Common Excuses Girls Give For Being Single0

    The fascinating thing about girls is their quick answers to certain questions, they know how to just give interesting reasons for their actions when they know deep down that those are just excuses to avoid long stories. Asking a girl exactly why she’s single would only get you on her boat of flimsy and funny

  • How To Get Out Of The Friendzone Of A Nigerian Girl

    How To Get Out Of The Friendzone Of A Nigerian Girl1

    I have landed in the friendzone so many times because I’m a cool guy. Now I understand these girls more and I have successfully moved out of the many friendzones. For most guys, getting out of the friend zone usually means that you had a chance at the beginning, but  you blew it. You did something

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