• Here’s Why She Wants A Breakup

    Here’s Why She Wants A Breakup0

    Your girl been acting like she’s far away when she’s right next to you lately? that might just be some clear sign that she’s not feeling so in love with you as it were before and she probably wants out. This probably has nothing to do with the fact that it’s December and people tend

  • When Your Ex Wants You Back

    When Your Ex Wants You Back0

    Breakups are terrible, they leave you totally heart broken and trapped in the feelings of something you can never have anymore because you were the option that had to go. getting back an Ex is one big move that needs some second and fifth thought. It actually does feel terrible, when a person sets out

  • Funny Ways To Break Up Before Valentine

    Funny Ways To Break Up Before Valentine0

    When people want a break up that is one sided, they sit down to think of the most crazy and senseless excuses and reasons to give, funny things that would just get the other person totally lost. Meanwhile, here in Nigeria; and now that Valentine is in a couple days, guys are crafting “dangerously” funny

  • Funny Excuses People Give For Breakup

    Funny Excuses People Give For Breakup0

    We’ve heard the most funny and ridiculous excuses for a breakup, when people are emotionally done with a relationship and just want to end it officially, they tend to look for excuses that don’t even add up. A lot of us have been victims of crazy situations like this and most of the times, when

  • 5 Things That Make Men Cry

    5 Things That Make Men Cry0

    Men are generally believed to be the ones who don’t shed a tear no matter how painful a situation but that’s a beautiful lie because somewhere away from everybody else; they let the tears flow. A good bunch of men are seriously emotional and break down even quicker than women but because they don’t care

  • How Close Friends Can Help You Get Your Ex Back1

    You feel lost when you are not with the person that hold a significant position in your life, and most times all you ever want to do is to get that person back. You may have done some certain things with the hope that your Ex would come back to you, which didn’t work. Don’t give up

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