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  • Myths And Truths About Abortion

    Myths And Truths About Abortion0

    The issue of Abortion is one that bags just too many myths from everywhere you turn, for one; it’s frowned upon and considered a highly disgusting, hateful, sinful and everything African people have painted it to be. But well, nothing changes the pure fact that abortion remains, it’s a resort that a lot of girls

  • Healthiest Breakfast For Weight Loss

    Healthiest Breakfast For Weight Loss0

    It all starts from one little addition of fat and before we finish the next cake, we realise just how big we’ve become, so bad that everything on our mind becomes “how do i lose this weight quick”. Weight loss can be achieved with a lot of healthy ways, breakfast is one of them. There’s

  • 3 Key Benefits Of Drinking Water

    3 Key Benefits Of Drinking Water0

    Water is by far the safest liquid you can take into your body, it’s totally healthy and packed with tons of benefits that are designed to keep you in the right state, physically and internally. Here are 3 major benefits of drinking clean water every now and again, till the 8th glass cup a day.

  • The Most Sensitive Of A Woman’s Body

    The Most Sensitive Of A Woman’s Body0

    Women are the divine blessing sent to earth for men’s enjoyment and happiness but no one would be talking about a good time if you are still stuck in the ignorance of exactly what turns a woman on or the most sensitive parts of her body to explore. Everyone definitely longs for a good and

  • 5 Reasons Slim Guys Like Thick Girls

    5 Reasons Slim Guys Like Thick Girls0

    Not every time slim and flat tummy sexy girls, guys have their preferences when it comes to their type of women, we all have our special tastes and interests when it comes to the opposite sex, different looks and sizes that stand as a complete turn on for us. Thick girls have a special place

  • 5 Healthy Reasons To Exercise Everyday

    5 Healthy Reasons To Exercise Everyday0

    It turns out that eating good food and staying out of trouble aren’t the only ways to live long and stay healthy, the body is a complicated thing that isn’t only satisfied with a healthy eating time-table.  A little extra effort in all the right places keep the doctors away, if you want the body