• Reasons Men Don’t Trust Girls

    Reasons Men Don’t Trust Girls0

    Girls are always a little too pretentious and unsatisfied, and a lot more for guys to just drown out every suspicion and trust them totally. Trust me, girls would be all out, saying the exact same thing about men, but this one is for the guys to the girls. Yea, everybody knows it too well

  • 5 Things That Will Make You Sleep Well

    5 Things That Will Make You Sleep Well0

    Sleep is one very important thing that you can’t cheat your body of, it’ highly needed. You can’t be awake and busy all day and do the exact same thing all night, somewhere along the line, your body would tell. Sleep is a natural medicine for the mind and whole body all together, the best

  • The Different Skin Types We Have

    The Different Skin Types We Have0

    We all fall under five different skin types, whatever your skin tone. It’s basically the factor behind certain occurrences of the skin, like the reason ¬†some people always have oil on their skin and some others always walk around with totally dry skin. Skin types are actually very important, it helps to know your skin

  • 5 Healthy Things To Do After Sex

    5 Healthy Things To Do After Sex0

    It’s always best to be as safe as you can, sex is amazing but what’s even more amazing is a healthy life after. Being able to have a good time with whoever you want and come back to a life without health complications is practically everyone’s interest. This might be particular to the ladies, but

  • 5 Sure Ways To Look Good As A Girl

    5 Sure Ways To Look Good As A Girl0

    It’s not just the guys who admire girls with good looks, even girls spot other good looking girls with the proper slay. If you want to get anyone to look at you, it’s only normal that you come off as clean and good looking. There are only a few things that beat good looks for

  • How To Stop Your Hair From Breaking

    How To Stop Your Hair From Breaking0

    If there’s one thing people; especially girls, cherish so much, it is their natural hair. It can cause a girl to break into tears if she wakes up and finds that her supposed long hair no longer reaches her shoulders, some parts have become short or that her hair just keeps cutting at every comb

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