• The Most Sensitive Of A Woman’s Body

    The Most Sensitive Of A Woman’s Body0

    Women are the divine blessing sent to earth for men’s enjoyment and happiness but no one would be talking about a good time if you are still stuck in the ignorance of exactly what turns a woman on or the most sensitive parts of her body to explore. Everyone definitely longs for a good and

  • Caitlyn Jenner Underwent Surgery, Now Has A Vaginal

    Caitlyn Jenner Underwent Surgery, Now Has A Vaginal0

    The famous Transgender celebrity, Caitlyn Jenner of the Kardashians whose transition to femininity caused huge waves is now a complete woman down to the genitals! She had always had the penis down there after her transition but she always had to annoyingly tuck it in to tone down the noise of haters who only wanted

  • 5 Types Of People You Find In A Danfo

    5 Types Of People You Find In A Danfo0

    Lagos, Nigeria! the home of bus conductors and crazy drivers causing the loudest noise and conveniently picking on every favourite passenger they find in their trap. Every Lagosian has a personal story about their steady experience in Danfo buses, the crazy conductors and of course; the different types of hilarious passengers forcing to enter the

  • 10 Amazing Quotes For Your Girlfriend

    10 Amazing Quotes For Your Girlfriend0

    You can never give or have enough when it comes to love, it’s a deep need that hangs around every minute, waiting to be felt. Love is definitely a beautiful thing when the one person you are thinking about, is also lost in thought of you. If you love her enough to call her your

  • What to know about the BBN Housemates

    What to know about the BBN Housemates0

    Big Brother Nigeria all the way, the most talked about reality TV show going on right now with people voting like a full time job. The best part of the show is actually the drama of the BBN Housemates, always giving us one hot thing to talk about, like the beef that just went on

  • How To Be Perfectly Healthy

    How To Be Perfectly Healthy0

    Health is supposed to be the biggest priority for everyone but it’s sadly the most neglected, nothing actually beats sound health, it’s what’s needed to make the money, fame, travel the world and do whatever might be on your bucket list. If you are going to be around for a long time, long enough to