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  • Funny Businesses That Make Mad Money

    Funny Businesses That Make Mad Money0

    In the past 5 years, there’s been a crazy change in the business world, new things have taken over and every weird idea have turned into a stream of income by ordinary people who basically just turned their hobbies into huge businesses. A lot of the multiple ways people become famous and rich all over

  • 5 Ways To Avoid Ever Having Cancer

    5 Ways To Avoid Ever Having Cancer0

    It’s no news that Cancer is bad news, it’s not a place anyone wants to be, not even for a second, it’s been around for such a long time; taking lives and putting people in hopeless depression and pain. Cancer is one of the deadliest sicknesses of the 21st century, still doesn’t have a cure,

  • 5 Interesting Facts About Fela Kuti

    5 Interesting Facts About Fela Kuti0

    Only few men were bold and real enough to stand for what they believed in and never stopped talking about the things that were obviously not right about the people in the leadership of this Country; Nigeria, back in the day when people hid their thoughts and opinion for fear. Fela Kuti was a music

  • 5 Reasons To Take A Break From Work

    5 Reasons To Take A Break From Work0

    Work is undeniably one of the biggest essence of living, to be able to put your hands to use and maximise your potential doing whatever your hands find to do well, it’s one thing that’s required for every human as we would get deeply tired of doing nothing with our lives and even feel empty

  • Get Clear Skin With Water

    Get Clear Skin With Water0

    Water might be a little too talked about right now as an all-natural remedy for everything but the funny thing about all the hype is that it actually does work a lot and to a good extent. Water still remains a natural toxin flusher however you choose to look at it. About acne, it’s not

  • INEC Registers 69K Voters in Bayelsa

    INEC Registers 69K Voters in Bayelsa0

    Lagos just concluded Elections for Local Government positions over the weekend, it’s on-going in other states across the nation as Bayelsa just amounted 69,000 eligible voters, quite a proud number to be announced by the INEC Admin Secretary of Bayelsa, Clement Oha. He told newsmen in Yenogoa that the Electoral Commission had also handled 1,057