• How To Land Your Dream Job In Nigeria0

    Going through school and getting a fair job is never enough for people who have bigger pictures that push them to strive for something more than just the ordinary, average life. In Nigeria, getting a good job isn’t the easiest thing, with more unemployed people than available jobs, but people still manage to land their

  • Top 5 Richest People In Nigeria By Forbes

    Top 5 Richest People In Nigeria By Forbes0

    Nigeria still remains a Country with smart brains and business minds, a lot of the powerful people who have made Forbes list of the richest and most powerful Africans are proudly Nigerians. The richest and most powerful people in this country are the ones who make things happen in words and action because money sure

  • Interview Questions Nigerians Hate

    Interview Questions Nigerians Hate1

    Interview questions pass for the only questions we have to prepare for like its our final exams, because we know just how terrible it can be to be job hunting and living without a pay day. The way people are educated in Nigeria these days, people get panic attacks when they are called for an

  • 10 Common Interview Questions And Answers

    10 Common Interview Questions And Answers0

    Getting prepared for a job Interview translates into, knowing the types of questions to expect and the best answers you would give. Everything about a Job Interview is easy when you have the answers to tough questions that seemingly put people on the spot. When you have applied for a job and got invited for

  • How To Get Followers On Instagram

    How To Get Followers On Instagram0

    Instagram has successfully become second home for a lot of us out here, the one place to have a second life where you have complete control over how it starts and ends. With everyone living the Instagram life, posting amazing pictures , getting likes and followers; the next thing we want is to grow our

  • How To Obtain A Driver’s Licence In Nigeria

    How To Obtain A Driver’s Licence In Nigeria0

    The best way to stay out of Police trouble on Nigerian roads is to have a valid driver’s licence, everybody that has ever been on the road knows just how much its important to drive with a driver’s licence. It is important for a lot of reasons and these days, a Driver’s Licence is now

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