• 5 Ways To Get Customers For Your Business

    5 Ways To Get Customers For Your Business0

    If there’s anything all businesses have in common , it is the need to get customers and grow in sales. It’s one thing to turn that brilliant idea into a business and another, to turn your business into profits, huge profits that keep you booming in the market and as a brand. Depending on the

  • 5 Important Things To Know Before Starting A Business

    5 Important Things To Know Before Starting A Business0

    Starting a Business has been the biggest and best decision some people swear to have ever made, taking the step to leave a paying job for your own business and working your way to relevance and profit making is not one of the easiest things there is but great things definitely happen to the Entrepreneur

  • Trump’s Inauguration In Pictures

    Trump’s Inauguration In Pictures0

    Trump finally got into the Whitehouse! the day America wished would never come. On Friday the 20th of January, the whole world was tuned to the Inauguration of Trump and the last day of Obama as the President of the United States. Here are pictures of the new American President’s inauguration as he says a

  • 10 Quotes To Push Your Business

    10 Quotes To Push Your Business0

    The moment you decide to give up everything to start a Business and bring that bright idea  to life, you know then that you are signing up for a lot of hard work and dedication to get things off the ground. Business is a huge part of your life as an Entrepreneur who is sold

  • Biggest Problems In Nigeria

    Biggest Problems In Nigeria0

    One of the reasons Nigeria gets really tiring and frustrating for a lot of folks are the annoying problems that keep getting worse every time, just too many things are ignored in this country and it is heart wrecking. Having to face the same sick problems every day with little hope of a solution coming

  • 5 Business Ideas To Become Rich

    5 Business Ideas To Become Rich0

    Being financially stable is like the biggest thing on everybody’s priority list, being able to afford the things we want and simply be dependent on no one when there’s a booming business in our name that is taking care of bills. Business has always been the wisest step people take, a huge step that pays

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