• 5 Tricks Of A Hit Track

    5 Tricks Of A Hit Track0

    In a world where new music floods the internet in every minute, making yours stand out can be a very difficult task. So I’m going to delve into it straight and tell you a couple of tricks that could make that your song a hit track. 1. The Idea: The first step to any hit

  • How To Handle Well-Meaning People You Don’t Like.

    How To Handle Well-Meaning People You Don’t Like.0

    In a world filled with diversity, each person we interact with would be nice, kind, considerate, mindful, generous, and more. Some would understand our jokes and some won’t, some will act like us, some will be the exact opposite. Nevertheless, some people drive us crazy, make us angry and tread on our last nerves, automatically we

  • Stop Saving Money, Start Spending Now!

    Stop Saving Money, Start Spending Now!0

    This article is no way discouraging savings, it is actually a guideline on what to do with the savings. You work so hard every single day, save a lot from what you make and all you have to do is to make certain that the money saved is well spent. Scientist advise you should spend

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