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  • Unilag To Conduct Post UME

    Unilag To Conduct Post UME0

    Admission into the University of Lagos is like getting VISA for a lot of people, it’s not usually as swift as other schools, even though a lot of people don’t see the struggle, it mostly takes good results to make merit and in that case, it’s hardly a problem getting in. Just when we thought

  • The Most Annoying Things In The World

    The Most Annoying Things In The World0

    Too many things annoy the hell out of us every single day, it’s hard to escape getting annoyed by one drama or the other in this world of touching stories and people who play too much. Some days, we can deal with certain annoyance, some other days; we are just not having it one bit

  • Home-Made Face Masks That Work

    Home-Made Face Masks That Work0

    Face Masks are proven ways to get rid of pimples, acne and acne scars, especially when they are natural and home-made. You have probably tried different things to get your face back to normal and right now, your interest in trying out new things have dropped because nothing really worked the magic they promised, but

  • 5 Things That Surely Make Men Cry

    5 Things That Surely Make Men Cry0

    Don’t be deceived by the deep voice and broad shoulders, Men actually roll on the floor in tears when shit gets really real, it would shock you to find that some supposed “Hard Men” actually cry better than babes. It’s generally seen as  a pure weakness when men have tears in their eyes, but that’s

  • The Things That Have Become Very Sexy Today

    The Things That Have Become Very Sexy Today0

    Sexiness has taken a lot of turn since the Internet took over our lives, the things that never passed for “sexy” are now the top on the list when we start to mention the sexiest things by general standards. There’s so much we trip for right now that weren’t even a thing some years back,

  • Funny Businesses That Make Mad Money

    Funny Businesses That Make Mad Money0

    In the past 5 years, there’s been a crazy change in the business world, new things have taken over and every weird idea have turned into a stream of income by ordinary people who basically just turned their hobbies into huge businesses. A lot of the multiple ways people become famous and rich all over