• Buhari Says He Needs More time

    Buhari Says He Needs More time0

    Buhari is currently in London for what we believe to be a Vacation and the whole of Nigerians can’t stop talking about it. Early Tuesday, we received words from the Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, concerning our President and here’s what he wants us to know By Femi Adesina, from the President:

  • 3 Major Causes Of Acne

    3 Major Causes Of Acne2

    Nothing changes a person’s mood from excited to depressed in split seconds as much as acne, it’s the top reason alot of people hate to stand in front of the mirror or even go out without a little to heavy make up (for the girls), there’s every struggle to get a clear face and be

  • Symptoms Of Heart Attack In Women

    Symptoms Of Heart Attack In Women0

    Generally, health conditions are usually hidden until they begin to get you very uncomfortable before a solution is taught of and that’s usually at the time when it might have risen to a severe stage because we are a generation that hardly pay attention to little signs until things begin to look serious. Heart Attack

  • 3 Major Causes Of Depression

    3 Major Causes Of Depression0

    Depression is a terrible place to be, it drains you emotionally and takes away happiness from your life even when there are enough reasons to be happy. There are several reasons a person slips into depression, life events affect each person differently; but three major factors are the standard causes of depression. Here you go

  • Healthy Nigerian Food To Know

    Healthy Nigerian Food To Know0

    There’s hardly a day we go without food, it’s the one thing we never miss even if it’s just a square meal. As Nigerians, we are not all about the healthy eating thing unless for very rare occasions when we just have to stay fit for certain reasons and that’s usually with a lot of

  • 5 Early Symptoms Of Breast Cancer

    5 Early Symptoms Of Breast Cancer0

    Women all over the world need to take things really serious when it comes to health matters, especially the deadly case of breast cancer that has taken many lives while still threatening more lives. Cancer is the last thing anybody wants to hear when they feel funny but a lot of us do not bother