• Trump’s Inauguration In Pictures

    Trump’s Inauguration In Pictures0

    Trump finally got into the Whitehouse! the day America wished would never come. On Friday the 20th of January, the whole world was tuned to the Inauguration of Trump and the last day of Obama as the President of the United States. Here are pictures of the new American President’s inauguration as he says a

  • Does A Wedding Dress Have To Be White

    Does A Wedding Dress Have To Be White0

    All over the world, well; especially in Nigeria, when we talk about Wedding dresses, the standard colour that comes with it is white, whether it’s a choice or not, its almost impossible to walk into a wedding hall and spot the bride with any other colour of Wedding dress. There seem to be no exact

  • 10 Weird Things People Have Bought In Lagos Traffic

    10 Weird Things People Have Bought In Lagos Traffic0

    Lagos roads are supposed to be for vehicles to drive safely but everything changed when traffic graduated from school and decided to pursue a career on the same road, employing different sets of people to fill the roads with things that graduated from gala and pure water, to the weirdest things we never expected to

  • How To Get Pink Lips Naturally

    How To Get Pink Lips Naturally0

    We are currently in a time when people go the extra-mile to get the perfect look they crave, being sexy is a full package that largely involves having pink lips and its a unisex thing as guys want it as much as the girls. If having pink lips is part of your new year’s resolution,

  • 3 Reasons You Should Rent A Wedding Gown

    3 Reasons You Should Rent A Wedding Gown0

    Every bride pictures herself in the most glamorous wedding gown, something that would shake the world as she walks magically to her groom, something new and sparkling. The time when a bribe is in the heat of the moment and thinks about the kind of wedding gown to buy, the last thing that crosses her

  • The Most Important Things In Life

    The Most Important Things In Life0

    Life is more of a personal thing, we deal with it as it best concerns us and leave a lot of things untouched, its sad that a good number of the things we don’t give enough attention are the things that holds us up and give our lives a beautiful meaning. If we pay more

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