• The Dont’s Of A First Date

    The Dont’s Of A First Date0

    A First Date is usually your first and golden shot at winning a person’s heart, which is why you spend all week preparing for a two-hour time out with some chic or dude. Here’s how to not ruin your chances at a first date, for someone you are just getting to know and hang out

  • Efe Becomes The Head Of The BBN House

    Efe Becomes The Head Of The BBN House0

    The Big Brother show is gradually wrapping up as majority of the housemates have been evicted from the house, leaving Tboss, Efe, Bisola, Marvis and Debbie Rise who would have to be kissing one more Housemate goodbye this weekend. The only person that is exempted from eviction is the House Leader and Efe happens to

  • Hottest Fashion Trends Right Now

    Hottest Fashion Trends Right Now0

    Fashion Trends stay noticeable from the moment they hits the streets and then the Internet, it’s the thing with Fashion that we are crazy about, the sweet fact that we don’t get to stay on a trend for so long without any sight of a new and hotter trend leading the way. Right now, all

  • 5 Famous Lagos Landmarks

    5 Famous Lagos Landmarks1

    Lagos is the one city that could pass for ¬†Nigerian’s most favourite place even with all the noise and rough life it’s known for. It’s no news that Lagos is the best place to get wise as a Nigerian because almost everyone is out to play you until you know the games yourself. Landmarks are

  • 5 Most Influential Women In Nigeria

    5 Most Influential Women In Nigeria0

    For the longest time, way back in history, men have been perceived to be the ones who should wear the crown, make the rules, make the money and be all in all while the women sit back and allow their potentials probably waste in the kitchen or somewhere “in the other room”. But here, we

  • Top 5 Fashion Designers In Nigeria

    Top 5 Fashion Designers In Nigeria0

    Fashion has been with us for a long time, it has changed and evolved a thousand times; presenting us with non-ending ways to express ourselves in different looks and styles. The timeless art has been defined and redefined by highly talented and creative young people who have looked at the trends from the legends of

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