• Using Oat Meal As The Perfect Face Wash

    Using Oat Meal As The Perfect Face Wash0

    A lot of people use different things to combat skin conditions, the face is the major concern when it comes to acne and a lot of products still don’t do half of what they promise. Oats has been one proven natural remedy for these things , skin conditions are terrible, they grow from bad to

  • Unilag Reschedules Post UME Dates 2017/18

    Unilag Reschedules Post UME Dates 2017/180

    The University of Lagos, Unilag; recently postponed post UME dates till further notice, that surely got a lot of candidates worrying about a lot of things, now; there’s news published on the school website that the exams dates have been rescheduled to be from Oct 4th to the 6th. Here’s the news as is written

  • How to date older women

    How to date older women0

    First of all, let’s forget about some stupid stereotypes, bonded with older women dating. It is not something you need to be afraid or ashamed of. In fact, almost every grown-up man fantasized about a mature lady. Even smile lines and wrinkles are considered to be sexy, because they are associated with experience. So, let’s

  • Best Ways To Spend The Weekend

    Best Ways To Spend The Weekend0

    The Weekend is always the most anticipated time of the week for the most of us, finally being able to sleep in and toss the alarm far from our ears, wake up when we feel like it and just be all about ourselves as much as we want. There’s always a lot of time and

  • Reasons Men Don’t Trust Girls

    Reasons Men Don’t Trust Girls0

    Girls are always a little too pretentious and unsatisfied, and a lot more for guys to just drown out every suspicion and trust them totally. Trust me, girls would be all out, saying the exact same thing about men, but this one is for the guys to the girls. Yea, everybody knows it too well

  • 5 Things That Will Make You Sleep Well

    5 Things That Will Make You Sleep Well0

    Sleep is one very important thing that you can’t cheat your body of, it’ highly needed. You can’t be awake and busy all day and do the exact same thing all night, somewhere along the line, your body would tell. Sleep is a natural medicine for the mind and whole body all together, the best

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