• 3 Funny Stages In A Chat

    3 Funny Stages In A Chat0

    All that hours and hours we spend on our phones when we just met someone new and the chat just feels like a whole 3 square meal because that’s all we want to do all day; chat and keep chatting for as long as it keeps getting interesting, talk about sane and crazily unthinkable things,

  • 5 Things that Don’t Make A Good Wife

    5 Things that Don’t Make A Good Wife0

    Men can mess around with as many different types of girls throughout their single years and not care so much about a lot of things, but when it gets to the time when they have to settle down with a woman and make her a wife; they go as far as using a microscope to

  • Unilag To Conduct Post UME

    Unilag To Conduct Post UME0

    Admission into the University of Lagos is like getting VISA for a lot of people, it’s not usually as swift as other schools, even though a lot of people don’t see the struggle, it mostly takes good results to make merit and in that case, it’s hardly a problem getting in. Just when we thought

  • The Most Annoying Things In The World

    The Most Annoying Things In The World0

    Too many things annoy the hell out of us every single day, it’s hard to escape getting annoyed by one drama or the other in this world of touching stories and people who play too much. Some days, we can deal with certain annoyance, some other days; we are just not having it one bit

  • Home-Made Face Masks That Work

    Home-Made Face Masks That Work0

    Face Masks are proven ways to get rid of pimples, acne and acne scars, especially when they are natural and home-made. You have probably tried different things to get your face back to normal and right now, your interest in trying out new things have dropped because nothing really worked the magic they promised, but

  • Myths And Truths About Abortion

    Myths And Truths About Abortion0

    The issue of Abortion is one that bags just too many myths from everywhere you turn, for one; it’s frowned upon and considered a highly disgusting, hateful, sinful and everything African people have painted it to be. But well, nothing changes the pure fact that abortion remains, it’s a resort that a lot of girls

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