• How To Make Money As A Woman

    How To Make Money As A Woman0

    Don’t be there sleeping when your mates are making huge waves all over the place, taking over different industries and building enviable empires with their first names on it, don’t be there sleeping when you too can tap into all the opportunities in the world and on the internet right now and have a name

  • Top Things Employers Need

    Top Things Employers Need0

    Employers are the owners of the companies you are looking to apply at, it’s totally fool-proof to know what they want and follow through as that’s the first step to getting a chance with them. Jobs are like our back bones, we’ll definitely not be on our feet without as much as a day-to-day place

  • 8 Things That Will Keep You Young

    8 Things That Will Keep You Young0

    Being young means radiating in brightness and beauty, something everyone wants forever, it’s always an awesome feeling to look nothing like your old age. Aging is actually an inevitable part of life that hits at its time, not caring how much of a sexy person you are and want to remain. but you can definitely

  • 10 Cool Things To Do On Your Birthday

    10 Cool Things To Do On Your Birthday0

    There’s always a birthday every single day as far as the year is concerned, that’s like the Favorite day of the year for a lot of us who care enough. There’s definite so much to get down to for a birthday celebration, anything from a little get-together to a time out with a couple friends

  • Why You Should Register Your Business

    Why You Should Register Your Business0

    Your Business is a part of you, the moment you start a business and take it up with time and effort; everything that goes wrong affects you even emotionally. In a Country like Nigeria and a world like this where people are constantly on the lookout for things to claim, even if they know nothing

  • Funke Akindele Is Pregnant!

    Funke Akindele Is Pregnant!0

    The whole internet is not calm right now, the multi talented Movie star, Funke Akindele, has somehow made today a good one with her baby bump. The actress is pregnant and everyone is more than happy for her. It’s no news that baby making has been one clear problem she’s had for a really long

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