• How To Make Banana Pancakes

    How To Make Banana Pancakes0

    Pancakes are amazing, about the best choice for breakfast when you are not feeling the whole serious cooking thing and you just want to make something quick, healthy, nice and satisfying. It’s been advised to never skip breakfast, that’s how you get your body prepared for the day. Now here, Pancakes could be made with

  • 5 Reasons You Should Start Your Own Business

    5 Reasons You Should Start Your Own Business0

    This whole Business thing is more of a spirit thing than just another way of getting money in the account to make it through life, when you have a business idea, it sorta feels like a blinding light bulb that sparks up everything from your soul to your body, getting you to have something strong

  • Wild Thoughts Lyrics

    Wild Thoughts Lyrics0

    The new wave right now on the internet and everywhere is this mad collabo of DJ Khaled and Rihana, Wild Thoughts is a really big thing, with a state of the art video and Rihana serving “wild queen”. It’s argued that the song is just an imitation of ¬†Carlos Santana’s “Maria”. Here’s the lyrics, get

  • Healthiest Breakfast For Weight Loss

    Healthiest Breakfast For Weight Loss0

    It all starts from one little addition of fat and before we finish the next cake, we realise just how big we’ve become, so bad that everything on our mind becomes “how do i lose this weight quick”. Weight loss can be achieved with a lot of healthy ways, breakfast is one of them. There’s

  • Top Deal Breakers In A Relationship

    Top Deal Breakers In A Relationship0

    In relationships, we all have that one or two things we cannot take, things that automatically changes the way we look at our partners no matter our history, things that force us to walk away from the relationship and never look back. Deal breakers are different things to different people, we are hardly the same

  • The Most Disgusting Lies Men Tell

    The Most Disgusting Lies Men Tell0

    Men and lies are two really cool friends that cannot be separated, even with a world war, at least’ that’s what the ladies would swear. Apparently they have told so much lies that they don’t need to even think about the next sweet thing to say to get a girl drooling and losing her mind.

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