• 5 Reasons Girls Are Crazy Over Wizkid

    5 Reasons Girls Are Crazy Over Wizkid0

    The one true Starboy and bad boy Wizzy has always been the regular and standard craze of girls from day one, he literally burst brains with his first hit song “Holla at your boy” and he has refused to disappoint us ever since, making it terribly hard for girls to calm down when they hear

  • Stay Away From These Foods When Pregnant

    Stay Away From These Foods When Pregnant0

    Pregnancy comes with a lot of changes and crazy cravings for all sorts of unimaginable foods, from the time when a woman conceives to when she gives birth, there are certain things she has to change and get used to, for the sake of her unborn child and precisely for a safe delivery and the

  • 5 Major Causes Of Stress

    5 Major Causes Of Stress0

    It’s only sad that stress doesn’t have a face because the whole world would gang up and disorganize it with our different kinds of slap, stress doesn’t care who you are or what you do, it doesn’t even knock when bumping into your head,  it’s that disrespectful and nothing takes us from a hundred to

  • The Most Ridiculous Things We Do For Love

    The Most Ridiculous Things We Do For Love0

    We can positively tell that a person is in love by their irrational actions, love has all the strange powers to make a person go from really tough to soft and very irrational in a really short time, it’s the strongest force that controls a man to go to unbelievable length for the person they

  • Why We Celebrate International Women’s Day

    Why We Celebrate International Women’s Day0

    Women are beyond gold, they go through the worst days and hardly get as much as a tiny bit of appreciation, they are strong sets of humans that are taken for weaklings and deprived their equal rights with men. Women carry heavy dreams, they go to deep lengths for what they believe in and are

  • Fruits That Guarantee Clear Skin

    Fruits That Guarantee Clear Skin0

    The quest for clear and radiant skin is a really serious one right now, especially with the people whose skin are prone to acne. There are just too many products out there for the problem of skin irritations and acne but the best way to get a clear skin is within, the outcome of our

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