• Amazing Pictures Of Melanin Girls

    Amazing Pictures Of Melanin Girls0

    Melanin is the skin colour that is  currently trending all over the Internet, black girls are getting the recognition and love they deserve, with the most beautiful and gorgeous skin that have been called many things, from magic; to powerful. Black is generally a colour of strength, and that’s what our women are, strong people

  • 3 Most Powerful Assets In The World

    3 Most Powerful Assets In The World0

    Assets are the incomparable things we hold very dear, they give us the confidence that we have attained certain heights and can brag about really valuable things that would last us a lifetime depending on what they are. A lot of big things are considered as Assets for best reasons, but none of them come

  • Efe Becomes The Head Of The BBN House

    Efe Becomes The Head Of The BBN House0

    The Big Brother show is gradually wrapping up as majority of the housemates have been evicted from the house, leaving Tboss, Efe, Bisola, Marvis and Debbie Rise who would have to be kissing one more Housemate goodbye this weekend. The only person that is exempted from eviction is the House Leader and Efe happens to

  • 5 Signs Someone Is Madly In love With You

    5 Signs Someone Is Madly In love With You0

    Love is built in all of us, it’s something we all feel  and crave to be given back as much as we give it and by the person we deeply want to share it with. Love might have caused a lot of us pains but somewhere in between, it’s been the biggest healer and best

  • Top 5 Foods To Have For Breakfast

    Top 5 Foods To Have For Breakfast0

    The rest of your day depends on how well you start it, breakfast is undoubtedly the most important meal of the day, it’s the best way to be sure of having a stress-free day, at least; you won’t feel the stress so much. The rate at which people skip breakfast, especially the working class who

  • Cheapest Ways To Live Your Dreams

    Cheapest Ways To Live Your Dreams2

    Dreams are something we all carry, we go to bed one night and wake up with big and crazy dreams only to sleep the next night and forget the whole thing. The surest thing that makes us most fulfilled and happy in life is a dream well lived, the realisation that you have finally come

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