• How To Get A Good Job In Nigeria

    How To Get A Good Job In Nigeria0

    As much as there are lots of stories of unemployment and graduates roaming the streets with no jobs, there are job openings here in Nigeria with urgent need of good and qualified hands to get to work. There are jobs, enough of them but the real problem isn’t with the jobs but with the people

  • Totally Stunning Pictures Of Gifty #BBNaija

    Totally Stunning Pictures Of Gifty #BBNaija0

    Big Brother Nigeria is still the most happening show right now, with dramas  we just enjoy.  Gifty had everyone talking during her time in the house, there were just too many things she seemed to notice in every one and everything but she’s a fine girl, so we enjoyed it. 28 days into the show

  • 5 Amazing Benefits Of Cucumber

    5 Amazing Benefits Of Cucumber0

    Cucumbers have become very popular in Nigeria for the funniest reasons, but the graciously green gift of nature remain an amazingly healthy vegetable for the skin and overall health. (i just hope you don’t kill the good vibes of Cucumber with your dirty mind and perverseness) Eating Cucumber daily or adding it to your diet

  • Make Up Trend: Using Boiled Egg

    Make Up Trend: Using Boiled Egg0

    Make Up is at it again, another funny trend that is rapidly gaining recognition all over, the game of facebeat has evolved so much that we don’t even question new things anymore, we just care about exactly how they are used, so we join the train of glamorous faces; as long as it makes us

  • 5 Reasons Nigerians Girls Date Married Men

    5 Reasons Nigerians Girls Date Married Men0

    Dating is like life for a lot of us, it’s that extra thing that makes us feel alive and when there’s no one in the picture, it’s like being one lone, forsaken, bored human on one corner of the world. At least, that’s how it is for a lot of our Nigerian girls, they taste

  • How To Make Chapman At Home

    How To Make Chapman At Home0

    Everybody seem to love Chapman, it’s the go-to drink at parties and fun hangouts, that’s probably because it adds more sweetness to the place. Every once in a while, when we are in our “mood”, the thought of showing love to ourselves or just entertaining guests make us wish we know how to make quick

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