• Symptoms Of Heart Attack In Women

    Symptoms Of Heart Attack In Women0

    Generally, health conditions are usually hidden until they begin to get you very uncomfortable before a solution is taught of and that’s usually at the time when it might have risen to a severe stage because we are a generation that hardly pay attention to little signs until things begin to look serious. Heart Attack

  • Things We Hate About Monday

    Things We Hate About Monday0

    All over the world, i’m yet to find a working person who doesn’t frown about Monday, the greatest intruder of the weekend that gets you to hit the road and repeat the same hard, annoying and stressful routine of the week. Here are 5 things we hate about Monday: The Alarm – You Get To

  • 5 Reasons To Stop Chasing After A Crush

    5 Reasons To Stop Chasing After A Crush0

    This might sound a little too extreme but chasing after a crush who is just a full fleshed human as you and every ordinary person you know, is the most time wasting, heart wrecking, emotions toiling, baseless and most harmful thing you can ever do to yourself, because they never see you the way you

  • The Best Motivational Quotes Of All Time

    The Best Motivational Quotes Of All Time0

    Motivation is needed in every aspect of life, it’s the force that awakens the strength you never thought you had and convinces your mind that you can make a difference if you try. Maybe a bunch of us haven’t started off with the life we’ve always dreamt of because we haven’t stumbled on the perfect

  • Funny Ways To Break Up Before Valentine

    Funny Ways To Break Up Before Valentine0

    When people want a break up that is one sided, they sit down to think of the most crazy and senseless excuses and reasons to give, funny things that would just get the other person totally lost. Meanwhile, here in Nigeria; and now that Valentine is in a couple days, guys are crafting “dangerously” funny

  • Common Things That Happen On Valentine’s Day

    Common Things That Happen On Valentine’s Day0

    Valentine’s day is fast approaching and it’s the most anticipated day for a lot of people right now, the day when every red and white is a symbol of love, every lost girlfriend begins to resurrect and boyfriends suddenly begin to rapture because right now, the price of chocolates, flowers and iPhones are looking scarier

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