• 5 Famous Lagos Landmarks

    5 Famous Lagos Landmarks1

    Lagos is the one city that could pass for ¬†Nigerian’s most favourite place even with all the noise and rough life it’s known for. It’s no news that Lagos is the best place to get wise as a Nigerian because almost everyone is out to play you until you know the games yourself. Landmarks are

  • Nokia 3310 Is Back And Better

    Nokia 3310 Is Back And Better0

    Of everything that can ever make a come-back, Nokia revived the legendary 3310 that started the mobile phone journey for us as far back as 2000, it’s back with all the features that captured our hearts back then, only that it has a few new things that are necessary to fit this present day. The

  • 5 Most Influential Women In Nigeria

    5 Most Influential Women In Nigeria0

    For the longest time, way back in history, men have been perceived to be the ones who should wear the crown, make the rules, make the money and be all in all while the women sit back and allow their potentials probably waste in the kitchen or somewhere “in the other room”. But here, we

  • 10 Cool Reasons To Travel More

    10 Cool Reasons To Travel More0

    So many things stand as a total blessing to life and travelling could pass for the chief of them all, it’s more than exciting to be in a new place, meet the kinds of people that your heart warms up to and just find out new things about life, culture and people that you never

  • Different Types Of People In The Office

    Different Types Of People In The Office0

    Resuming at an office every morning and doing the same work every day is a routine a lot of people have to deal with so much that it becomes a part of them. There are different types of people in the office who have their own special, funny and annoying ways of getting through the

  • Buhari Says He Needs More time

    Buhari Says He Needs More time0

    Buhari is currently in London for what we believe to be a Vacation and the whole of Nigerians can’t stop talking about it. Early Tuesday, we received words from the Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, concerning our President and here’s what he wants us to know By Femi Adesina, from the President:

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