• Pulse Gets Dragged For Live Video Without Sound

    Pulse Gets Dragged For Live Video Without Sound0

    While everyone was busy starting live videos and getting unlimited hearts on Instagram, Pulse was busy getting dragged for starting a live video with absolutely no sound whatsoever. Because Pulse is expected to come up with something professional and high class based on their record and name, their live video got alot of viewers interested

  • Killer Ways To Boost Your Confidence

    Killer Ways To Boost Your Confidence0

    Confidence could pass for the most priceless attribute a person can have for every aspect of life, it blocks out every thought that something might crumble and just sets you on course for what’s ahead. The people that highly self confident are usually the ones that are perceived as leaders, its a respectable thing to

  • 5 Healthy Reasons To Exercise Everyday

    5 Healthy Reasons To Exercise Everyday0

    It turns out that eating good food and staying out of trouble aren’t the only ways to live long and stay healthy, the body is a complicated thing that isn’t only satisfied with a healthy eating time-table.  A little extra effort in all the right places keep the doctors away, if you want the body

  • These 5 Attitudes Will Make You Rich In Life

    These 5 Attitudes Will Make You Rich In Life0

    Wealth is far more than a full bank account, at least we know that much, in a world where there are too many things that completes a man. The best approach towards life is not solving all your needs as far as money is concerned but its more like looking back and truly having a

  • Trump’s Inauguration In Pictures

    Trump’s Inauguration In Pictures0

    Trump finally got into the Whitehouse! the day America wished would never come. On Friday the 20th of January, the whole world was tuned to the Inauguration of Trump and the last day of Obama as the President of the United States. Here are pictures of the new American President’s inauguration as he says a

  • NYSC Timetable For Batch B Stream 2

    NYSC Timetable For Batch B Stream 20

    The wait is finally over for those who have been on the wait for the timetable for 2016 Batch B Stream II since the 2016 Batch B Stream 1 left the NYSC camp on December 14, 2016. These is everything you need to know about the timetable and the process to follow to follow. 2016

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