• 10 Quotes To Push Your Business

    10 Quotes To Push Your Business0

    The moment you decide to give up everything to start a Business and bring that bright idea  to life, you know then that you are signing up for a lot of hard work and dedication to get things off the ground. Business is a huge part of your life as an Entrepreneur who is sold

  • Funny Excuses For Being Late

    Funny Excuses For Being Late0

    Lateness is like second nature to a whole lot of people, they find it really hard to be right on time, not even by mistake. There’s always a fine list of believable and sometimes ridiculous excuses for their incurable lateness, especially when its lateness to work. Here are some funny excuses people give when they

  • Real Reasons Nigerian Men Cheat

    Real Reasons Nigerian Men Cheat0

    Women are stuck with the question of exactly why Nigerian men cheat, why they would have a hot chic around as a loyal girlfriend and still feel the need to call up some other girl and cheat on the ones that stay at home for them. We have been told many times that men are

  • Things Nigerian Men Look For In Women

    Things Nigerian Men Look For In Women0

    Nigerian men are all shades of selective when it comes to their women; they have a long list of funny qualities they look for in a woman, things that attracts them before they even think of a relationship. Here are the top 8 things on their list. Fine Face Just don’t joke with men when

  • Things Nigerian Women Look For In Men

    Things Nigerian Women Look For In Men0

    Men claim they rule a woman’s world but that’s not true for Nigerian women who have a bunch of things they look for in a man, they size up everything that comes their way and arrogantly turn men down until they hit the one that fully qualities. These are the qualities Nigerian Women wish you

  • Things Nigerians Love To Hear

    Things Nigerians Love To Hear0

    If you want to get on a Nigerian’s happy side, just know the right button to press when it comes to talking to them, no matter the mood a Nigerian person is, these are the best things to get them interested in a conversation with you. There’s Light In a country where light is an

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