• Best Places To Have Fun This Christmas

    Best Places To Have Fun This Christmas0

    It’s that time of the year when everyone is getting ready to have the maddest time of their lives and enjoy the fullness of the season, Christmas is in a couple days and nobody is calm, we want to finish the year strong, in the coolest way possible. There are lots of places in Lagos

  • Wrong Ways To Lose Weight

    Wrong Ways To Lose Weight0

     The first thing on every big person’s list is to lose weight and get in shape as quick as possible, with all the nice things people can do with slim and fit bodies; people with weight tend to look for quick ways to lose pounds and shed all the weight in a matter of days

  • 5 Reasons We Hate Living In Lagos

    5 Reasons We Hate Living In Lagos2

    Lagos is a mega city, the right place for business and fun, the city of constant movement and money making. Everybody with big dreams of living large and running a business wants to find their permanent place in Lagos until the horrors of being a Lagosian stands them face to face. Here are 5 top

  • How To Beat Traffic In Lagos

    How To Beat Traffic In Lagos0

    We all love Lagos until we have to sit in traffic for hours, it’s the one thing all over Lagos that causes steady depression on the road, especially when it’s a consistent thing. Traffic has been the biggest reason people hate to work on the Island or have anything to do with passing the third

  • How To Make A Nigerian Girl Love You

    How To Make A Nigerian Girl Love You1

    Nigeria is filled with hot chics who are about nothing but love, love that comes with goodies of course, it takes more than just words and night calls to win a Nigerian girl’s heart these days These are ways to do it like a boss. Food Please don’t, don’t joke with a girl when it

  • Things We Hate About School

    Things We Hate About School0

    Growing up, we barely went through a day without hearing that school is the best thing that can ever happen to anyone, that it would take you round the world and position you to shake hands with kings and big men; we got used to the plenty talks about that classroom that seemed like a

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