• Top 5 Nollywood Movies Of 2016

    Top 5 Nollywood Movies Of 20160

    Its been an awesome year for Nollywood this 2016, with great movies sending crowds to Cinemas nationwide and breaking box office record. Movies are how we spend our free time and unwind from the husstle and bustle of this thing called life. Here is a list of the top 5 Nollywood movies of the year,

  • The Wedding Party Makes 120M In 12 Days

    The Wedding Party Makes 120M In 12 Days0

    Romantic Comedy Movie The Wedding Party which made its debut on December 16, 2016 and grossed 21.5 million naira on Christmas day holds a record as the biggest opening week in the history of Nollywood, it had set a box office record as the biggest opening Weekend in Nollywood just after grossing 36 million naira

  • How To Have A Good Christmas

    How To Have A Good Christmas0

    Its Christmas already, the season of love and celebration, the time when everyone gets busy with love and fun, spending good time with friends and family. A lot of people are still struggling to believe that Christmas is here already, with no plans of what to do or how to have a good one. This

  • How To Make People Remember You Forever

    How To Make People Remember You Forever0

    Its a general thing for people to move on with life and and forget the people they spent their lives with in the past, only few people remain in our heads mainly because of the unforgettable things they did that stuck with us. Its a short life, in a couple decades, we’ll most likely be

  • All Winners From The Headies Award 2016

    All Winners From The Headies Award 20160

    2016 has been a year of good music, Nigerian artistes were pretty much on top of their games with hot jams that raised the roof and kept us grooving with crazy dance steps, jams that made us wish we could just hand them their deserving awards. Thank God for Headies 2016, the awards were given!

  • 0

    As the year is wrapping up, people are getting their pen and paper ready to write down their long list of New Year resolutions, things they seriously want to change in their lives in the new year. There’s always this “New year new resolution” thing that happens at this time every year, people figure that

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