• Popular Slang We Use On Instagram

    Popular Slang We Use On Instagram0

    Instagram is one of the top Social Networks we love to spend quality time on, watch hilarious videos and pictures, find out beautiful arts and styles, connect with the craziest and creative sets of people on the planet and just be active on a place where things are constantly happening. There are always lots of

  • 5 Reasons Slim Guys Like Thick Girls

    5 Reasons Slim Guys Like Thick Girls0

    Not every time slim and flat tummy sexy girls, guys have their preferences when it comes to their type of women, we all have our special tastes and interests when it comes to the opposite sex, different looks and sizes that stand as a complete turn on for us. Thick girls have a special place

  • You Can’t Make Someone Love You

    You Can’t Make Someone Love You0

    Love is a need we all share, it’s the sweetest thing that can happen to a person and we all crave to be deeply loved by the ones we manage to catch feelings for but that might just be the biggest mistake we jump into. As much as love is the greatest gift, it has

  • Top 5 Fashion Designers In Nigeria

    Top 5 Fashion Designers In Nigeria0

    Fashion has been with us for a long time, it has changed and evolved a thousand times; presenting us with non-ending ways to express ourselves in different looks and styles. The timeless art has been defined and redefined by highly talented and creative young people who have looked at the trends from the legends of

  • Steps To Obtaining An International Passport

    Steps To Obtaining An International Passport0

    In Nigeria This is for those who are looking at leaving their motherland before recession will finish them, to settle outside the country where exchange rates will not give them sleepless nights. Procedures to obtaining a Nigerian International passport. A certificate of birth Local government letter of identification Age declaration Fully completed Guarantor’s form A

  • Symptoms Of Heart Attack In Women

    Symptoms Of Heart Attack In Women0

    Generally, health conditions are usually hidden until they begin to get you very uncomfortable before a solution is taught of and that’s usually at the time when it might have risen to a severe stage because we are a generation that hardly pay attention to little signs until things begin to look serious. Heart Attack