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Promote your music online in 4 steps

How to promote your music online in 4 steps

So you have finished recording that banger and you’re set to blow. You’re going to be a star with this new song.  Once people hear this jam, you've made it. Yes, if they hear it. 90% of artistes who fail in their quest for stardom failed due to of promotion. No matter how good your song is, if you can’t get it on platforms where a lot of people can listen to it, you’ll be the only one listening to your music and your family will be your only fans. Don’t let this happen to you. You are actually lucky, many years ag...

developing a social media strategy

5 Steps to Develop a Social Media Strategy

I recently took up a job to work as Social Media Manager of a finance institution and ever since then, a lot of my friends have been asking me to help them develop their social media strategy. Of course I send them my quote and they start to say things like "Are we not friends?", "Just this once" trying to blackmail me into rendering free service. I like to render free service, it’s not even a problem. What are friends for if we can't help each other huh? So for the benefit of my friends out there, this post is for you. I'm...

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